Part of the aftermath of Google’s CloudNext 2018 event in San Francisco, which I was fortunate enough to attend, is that Google groups around the world are giving “Google Cloud Next ‘18 Extended” events. The Google Cloud Next ‘18 Extended Singapore event was on the 25-Aug-2018, and I was invited to talk about interesting Machine Learning take-aways from the event.

So, for my part of the afternoon, I gave a talk that was billed as “ML options from hardcore (TF) to autopilot (AutoML)”, which gave a (super quick) run through of the ML spectrum available through Google : from DIY TensorFlow/Keras models to the shiny new AutoML tools.

The slides for my talk are here :

Presentation Screenshot

If there are any questions about the presentation please ask below, or contact me using the details given on the slides themselves.

Presentation Content Example

The presentation was kindly recorded by

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